Saturday, January 17, 2015

Behind The Scene Pics For L'OREAL Paris Golden Globe Command Center

Tonight is the big night creating L'OREAL Paris red carpet makeup looks 

At home trying to decided what will be my lip color of choice for tonight

Arrive to the studio / loft where al the glam magic will happen. Production is moving fast trying to get everything together. So many people behind the scene all this for beauty...luv it!

All in the way but I'm trying to catch a good spot for my selfie, the lighting in here is EVERYTHING!

Found me a good spot!

Selfie with the gorgeous Griselle Rosario who will be doing hair tonight

Boogie down brown Afro Latina's hidden gems behind the scene doing both hair & makeup for L'OREAL Paris Golden Globes

My station is ready to rock out some gorg red carpet makeup looks

First model is up the lovely Anna


These L'OREAL Paris Infallible Pro Matte foundation & powder are the bomb!

Emily is getting a smoky eye tonight




Our command room look like it's the Superbowl or something. I wish I could have better capture how the room operates during Golden Globes




Good Night Guys I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did...see you next year

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's That Time Of Year...Flu Flu Go Away

I was so excited that I was feeling better but after working with a few sick people on set Sunday night I had a relapse in this time this cold/flu is worst. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

To Be Selected On Stylelist 15 Awesome People To Follow During The Golden Globe Awards

15 awesome people to follow during the Golden Globe Awards

15 awesome people to follow during the Golden Globe Awards

The nominees are in, and you're getting in full-on viewing-party mode -- brushing up on your fashion and beauty lingo so you can appropriately comment on every celeb who sets foot on the red carpet. And you know who else is doing that? Every vlogger, blogger, Tumblrer, tweeter and Instagrammer in the game -- in other words, your social feed is about to blow up! Here's who you need to be following as the glamorous get ready to rock the Golden Globes. 
Photo Credit: Mara Roszark Instagram

For a glimpse into the life of an in-demand makeup artist, check out Brandy Gomez-Duplessis’ Instagram. With posts of her day-to-day life, showcasing all the beauty you could ask for, Brandy’s feed is one of our favorites. She’s always moving between celebrity clients, red carpet events, fashion shows and various makeup assignments -- you’ll love following along! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

HBO Girls After Party In New York Was Fabulous

Whether it's Jay-Z version: I love girls, girls, girls, girls
Girls, I do adore
Yo put your number on this paper cause I would love to date ya
Holla at ya when I come off tour, yeah

Or Mötley Crüe: Girls girls girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Dancin' down on sunset strip
Red lips, fingertips

One thing is for sure, I can't wait to see what my girl Lena Dunham and her crew has in store this Sunday night on HBO Girls. 

Monday night I was excited about doing makeup with L'OREAL Paris at the HBO Girls Premier After Party at the beautiful American Museum Of History in New York. This party was the best way to kick off the new year. Ain't no party like a HBO Girls Party! See for yourself.